Hamstring Muscles and Help for Injuries

Following is a short explanation of some of the muscles that make up the hamstring and how you can treat the muscles in the event of a sprain or other minor injury.

The Basics of the Hamstrings

The muscles that comprise the larger hamstring muscle are positioned on the upper part on the back of each leg. There are basically three different muscles in the hamstring – the biceps femoris,Hamstring Muscles and Help for Injuries Articles semitendinosus and semimembranosus. Each of these muscles attaches to the lower section of the pelvis and the bottom part of the muscles attach to the leg bone located just below the knee. Because of this, the hamstring is responsible for the flexible movement of the leg.

The RICER Method

When a hamstring injury happens, applying first aid is the first thing to do. Use the RICER method – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral. Simply rest the injury, apply ice to the muscle, apply a bandage for compression, and elevate the limb if possible. Do this for about 48-72 hours after the injury. What you do hamstring cramps during the first hours after a muscle injury could be the difference between making it better or worse.

Consult a Professional

After applying the RICE method, the final “R” means “refer.” Refer the injured person to a sports injury doctor to make sure the injury isn’t serious. They’ll evaluate the injury and start rehabilitating the muscle.

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