Ecommerce Development: 8 Mistakes To Avoid When Making An Ecommerce Web Design

Shopping online is the latest way of going shopping. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time to go to a shopping mall or are bored of window shopping? With ecommerce, you just need to login into your favorite ecommerce website and you can do as much shopping as you wish from there.

There can be some ecommerce websites with ecommerce designs which are annoying which are seeing them losing visitors and if you are planning to start an ecommerce website then you too should pay careful attention to certain aspects of ecommerce web design. In this article, we enlist 8 mistakes that you should dearly avoid while designing an ecommerce website.

· Bad graphic design: If the ecommerce web design is not good, nobody is going to stay on the website for long. The amount of time a person stays on the website is directly proportional to how good the website design is and how interesting you find it. The web design should be engaging enough to hold the viewer’s attention.

· Customer service: If the customer service is really bad, not many people are going to avail of your services. Imagine you are facing some problem with the order and you wish to contact a customer representative online. You talk to the person and he is really bad with you or doesn’t communicate appropriately, would you ever be visiting the site again?


· Searching not easy: When you wish to eCommerce website development agency  search for a specific product and you are not able to do so, you feel irritated and a lot of your time is wasted. The ecommerce navigational featuresshould be such that users find it easy to search and are able to find out exactly what they are looking for in the minimum possible time.

· Surfing should be free: That is, the website should not make you register without you wishing to do so. If you are new to the website then rummaging through the products should be free. If you wish to buy some product then only should the scenario of registration come into picture.

· Errors: There should not be errors that users can glaringly point out. Such mistakes degrade the market value of an ecommerce website.